Journey through Madness

Debout of the ChaosWeave

Magic goes Mad!

9/ Kythorn/1392 DR

Durnan the 6th was quite helpful to us when we returned back from killing the ooze horde. I don’t know what else he has in mind for us, but it’s clear now that he at least views us as assets. He offered to pay us for seeking out The Crows in the Dungeon Level, and seemed deeply disturbed to hear that the layout of Undermountain itself is changing.

He directed us to Wilril Tallcrippler, who described The Forsaken to us, and who promised to secure some gnomish explosives for us. From there, we went to see Quicaryn Velate, and learned of the Chaosweave, one of the many new hazards we would face. Finally, we descended back into Undermountain.

After solving the riddle binding the main entrance, we came across an abandoned campsite. Kraven found a hidden treasure stash, and we followed the trail of blood from the campsite, which led us to a series of Raiders and a very insane bandit brandishing a magic staff.

It was a fierce battle, but we defeated the group. The Chaosweave tied to the magic staff ultimately backfired, summoning a Scaladar from an abyssal pit. That horror then set about attacking everyone indiscriminately, but Ghesh’s valor put it down.



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