Kindly meddler and wizard extraordinaire


Elminster is one of those characters that is simply hard not to love. He is a level 35 chaotic good mage, and as such, has one of the most epic legacies in all the Forgotten Realms. He has bedded the Goddess of Magic herself, won a spell-duel crippling the former God of Death (Bane), battled his way out of hell, and has fought the Shadow Masters off at every turn. Those unfamiliar with him could compare him to Merlin or Gandalf for a quick concept as to his identity.

While kind, he rarely if ever, divulges the full extent of his plans to anyone he is not very close with. Perhaps more ironically, despite being immediately recognizable, he manages to guide many of the events around the Forgotten Realms without being identified.

At current, he continues good deeds and various adventures for the Realms. He and his companions are rumored to be searching for a manner to bring Mystra back from the dead.


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