Lady Magmorel

Lady Magmorel, Silent Scribe for the oppressed


Lady Magmorel Serpenthelm the Silent Scribe, to use her full title, is a level 7 half-elf scribe of substantial renown. It was in large part her writings, based on personal experience with a variety of races that have helped to ease racial tensions between many of the misunderstood or deliberately persecuted races of the Forgotten Realms. It is rumored that it was racism against her personally (as a half-elf) that began that war of written word, but the results have been anything but local.

Thats not to say that everyone gets along these days. But her efforts have made significant impact in expanding the minds and hearts of the common individual. Traditionally mistrusted races – the kalashtar in particular, owe her a great deal in allowing them an easier integration into most communities.

Lady Magmorel

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