Crazed warrior-mage gone wrong


Level 6 barbarian
Level 7 wizard

muiral’s time as a near-beast resulted in the loss of 2 levels of archmage, 6 levels of wizard. During that time his level as a barbarian doubled.


muiral was once a bodyguard for Halaster. He abandoned the warrior path to study magic under the tutelage of the great wizard. In Undermountain muiral established his lair in Muiral’s Graveyard and began studying “superior” physical forms.

After decades of experiments, one of muiral’s experiments went horribly wrong, and he wound up part-man, part-scorpion. Obviously, the man was not thrilled about this.

Ever since his transformation, Muiral the Misshapen has wandered Muiral’s Graveyard, preying upon the creatures he himself had cultivated in his fury. His anger over his undesired new form and the maddening effects of Undermountain itself have driven muiral to the brink of complete mental collapse.

But then, something happened. Magic collapsed as muiral was killing his latest victim with a magical blast of acid, and since that incident, muiral has been hitting the experiments awfully hard ever since. What could have caused the return of muiral’s mental clarity? And what does he experiment on now?


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