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  • Elminster

    Elminster is one of those characters that is simply hard not to love. He is a level 35 chaotic good mage, and as such, has one of the most epic legacies in all the Forgotten Realms. He has bedded the [[Mystra|Goddess of Magic]] herself, won a spell-duel …

  • Wilril Tallcrippler

    [[:wilril-tallcrippler | Wilril Tallcrippler]] is truly fun to know. He's a wonderful contradiction of coward and genius, one who, in his moments of panic manages to make exactly the right strategic decisions, but can't seem to duplicate this prowess …

  • Eludecia

    Lifted in it's entirety from: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/fc/20050824a Original concept by Robert Weise The party has not met Eludecia yet. This page will be filled in when they have.

  • Quicaryn Velate

    [[:quicaryn-velate | Quicaryn Velate]] is a magical adviser working in Blackstaff Tower. When the party first meets her, she tells them what little is known about the nature of the threat posed by [[Undermountain | Undermountain]], and the effects of the …