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The SpellPlague sucks, to put it bluntly. It was unintentionally orchestrated by Cyric – the Mad God and Shar when they murdered the Goddess of Magic, Mystra. Shar did so, attempting to usurp the role of Goddess of Magic herself. Obviously, she failed. As Mystra was herself the center and moderator of magical energy across the world, the ability to draw and manipulate magical energy was completely shattered by her death. Many lesser magic-users simply died; others lost their power forever.

Shortly after the SpellPlague has settled into being, those charged with protecting Waterdeep notice unusual magical phenomenon. At first dismissed as a previously unknown effect from the SpellPlague, it is discovered through the actions of a few inquisitives to be emanating from Undermountain. As the traps and denizens of Undermountain warp drastically, and magic of any sort becomes utterly uncontrollable in the area, this becomes a crisis, pulling adventurers from all over the globe. Ironically, it has brought forth many reclusive magical races – those who typically would not consort with humans, as this new unbalance threatens their very future as a race.

The campaign centers around one such group of misfits. From humble beginnings can come great things, and from these shall come divine providence, personal assistance from Elminster and a renouned Succubus Paladin, and the uncovering of a truly insidious plot with ramifications to completely warp the magical world yet again.

They shall face bizarre traps, monsters of shades never before encountered, tricksters, riddles, and all manner of peril. Should they succeed, they just may uncover the puppet-master behind it all, and win the famed treasures of Halaster for themselves.

Main Page

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