Mystra (pronounced MISS-trah) was formerly a Greater Goddess believed to be the embodiment of magical balance and of magic herself. Her church sought to document and safe-guard magical knowledge in the event of magical decline (good foresight there), to seek out and encourage potential practitioners, and to explore magical theory and create new spells and items.

As a Goddess herself, Mystra seemed to have a thing for re-birth. She has died and been reborn on several occasions – her latest rebirth was as the human Sorceress “Midnight”, who for her role in preventing the destruction of the magical balance before the SpellPlague, ascended to Godhood. As you can probably tell from all this, Shar makes a pest of herself and tries to disrupt/usurp the balance of magic on a regular basis.

In addition to her church, Mystra also had several Chosen Ones – perhaps mightiest of these, Elminster. Individuals recognized for their talent and asked to serve Mystra by Mystra herself. In this regard she was an extremely compassionate deity – one who took steps to pull Elminster out of trouble, even when he was trapped in hell itself.

Mystra’s symbol was a ring of seven stars, with a rising red mist spiraling up into the heavens.


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