The SpellPlague began when by Cyric and Shar murdered the Goddess of Magic, Mystra. Shar was attempting to take over moderation of magical energy and replace it with a version of her own design. Thanks in large part to counter-measures Mystra instigated prior to her death, Shar failed miserably, and this led to a magical cataclysm of sorts. For her part in this, Cyric was banished for 1,000 years by a group of Divines sympathetic to Mystra and her plight.

With the balance of magic completely destroyed, things began to suck royally for magic-users. The weak and the less-talented simply died outright from the magical shock of this loss. Some of the hardier found themselves suddenly magically powerless. Elminster and other mages of legendary caliber have found a way to survive with some of their powers intact, but it is clear that this was a difficult feat, even for them.

New magic-users are substantially smaller in number, but they do exist. Their primary obstacle now is the unstable nature of magic. Spells can yield unexpected results, or in magic-dead zones, simply do not work at all.

But, as with all hardships, people found a way to survive. Until now…


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