The Yawning Portal

Durnan the First was the first adventurer to successfully descend deep into Undermountain and return unscathed. He made many such trips with the aid of The Ring of Safe Haven, and the site of the largest entrance to Undermountain he converted to a tavern aptly named The Yawning Portal.

Durnan the Sixth, descendent of Durnan the First, currently runs The Yawning Portal. It has expanded to a full two floor tavern, with the well on the bottom floor. The Yawning Portal is home to all sorts of adventurers, cut-throats and sketchy types, and apart from drinks and celebrations, Durnan the Sixth makes a good profit off running betting rings on how long new adventurers will last in Undermountain’s depths.

Thanks to the events of the Eve of Terror, Durnan the Sixth is now richer than ever. Among other things, he is notorious for charging 10 gold pieces entrance fee for each adventurer to enter and leave Undermountain.

It is absolutely unheard of for him to waive the entry fee, yet he has for our party. Why?

The Yawning Portal

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