Undermountain is a many floor complex running below Mount Waterdeep (hence it’s name) and much of Waterdeep itself. For decades it has served as a testing ground for adventurers, and most of them have not returned – leading to Undermountain’s notorious reputation.

Undermountain is unique in that it had become Halaster’s personal laboratory. Of course, many of the denizens objected to this at the time, but Halaster simply killed them all. Halaster, being rumored to be quite world-weary, had a major hobby in coming up with complicated and bizarre traps, and collected the most unusual of monsters for his experiments and for fighting the never-ending stream of hopeful adventurers seeking to become the victors of Undermountain. Coupled with the naturally unstable nature of his magical experiments, Undermountain is a place reeking of volatile magic and the other-worldly.

As the SpellPlague and recent events have only served to exasperate the situation, even experienced adventurers will find themselves pitted against the unfamiliar. Only a strong cohesive team has any hope of making it through alive.

Layout of Undermountain

It is common knowledge that Undermountain was originally split into 13 floors, however, the experiment suspected to have killed Halaster and the SpellPlague have had a substantial renovating effect on the place.

Floor # Floor Name Summary
1 Dungeon Level Entrance to Undermountain, convicts are often tossed in here to fend for themselves or die.
2 Storage Level Excavated dwarven tunnels, full of storage rooms, feed, and supplies.
3 Wyllowwood Level A large underground forest with a portal to the sky above for sunlight. Maddoth’s Castle lies in the South East, according to rumor.
4 Farm Level A large underground series of farms producing food to feed Halaster’s many, many monsters. Naturally, such a food source is very valuable and well-guarded.
5 Muiral’s Graveyard Muiral transformed this Drow barrack facility into an obstacle course full of traps and horrors.
6 Trobriand’s Graveyard Content Not Found: misker fled to this den and made it his own.
7 Arcturiadoom Arcturia is now a horrific undead, but who knows how recent events have changed her and this floor.
8 Crystal Labyrinth It’s a labyrinth! Not only that, but it’s made of crystal-clear walls, floors and ceilings. Halaster’s Aqitocrun, a treasure chamber in which he stores prized possessions can be found in the heart of the labyrinth.
9 Terminus Level This level of full of monster lairs and portals to monster realms. Halaster’s failed experiments also freely wander this level.
10 Mad Wizard’s Lair Halaster’s magical altars, ritual chambers and personal chambers reside here. The traps and monsters are the most deadly of all of Undermountain, and his treasure is said to lie here. It is rumored to link to the Underdark as well.


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