Waterdeep is perhaps the largest and most influential of the northern cities. Also called “The City of Splendors” or the “Crown of the North”, it is home to over one million people of mixed races. Waterdeep is named after it’s breathtaking natural harbor, which is in turn defended by a series of large catapults carefully aligned on the slopes of Mount Waterdeep.

Apart from the economic and societal reasons, Waterdeep also draws in all manner of adventurers, as the notorious Undermountain is located beneath the city, and the still-untamed caverns of Mount Waterdeep offer thrills of its own. Well-stocked stores and temples serve to prepare and resurrect these adventurers respectively, and the recent events have served to bring in yet another influx of new blood to Waterdeep.

Since the SpellPlague, Waterdeep has lost the title of “most important city” to the city of Baldur’s Gate (no wiki included as the city is not relevant to the campaign). However, this is but a small sting, as Waterdeep remains a major commercial and political power, and it gets to find itself the center of attention once more in Journey through Madness.

While Waterdeep is a complex city split into roughly nine sections, we will be interacting with it simply, so don’t worry about the details.


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